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The law firm "Ernestas Bušmovičius ir partneriai" was founded on August 1, 2005. The law firm has chosen civil and criminal law cases as its priority areas of activity. Many cases have been resolved in the field of inheritance law, division of property, awarding alimony, awarding debts, as well as the entire spectrum of criminal cases. We represent clients both from Lithuania and abroad in various matters, we review the clients' documentation, we advise on the best ways to resolve the dispute, taking into account the collected information. experience. We speak Lithuanian, Polish, English and Russian. We take all possible legal measures to resolve our clients' problems as quickly and successfully as possible.


Scope of services provided

Civil law

Divorces, alimony, inheritance law (acquisition of inheritance, etc.), judgment of debt, etc.

Bankruptcy law

A set of legal procedures when a debtor reports his inability to meet his financial obligations to creditors.

Labour law

Representation in all matters relating to labor law disputes, preparation of procedural documents.

Criminal law

Representing injured parties and witnesses. Pre-trial and court defense of suspects and accused persons. Preparation of pleadings in the entire scope of criminal cases.

Administrative law

Representation in all administrative matters, preparation of procedural documents.

Preparation of contracts

Contract law covers public law relations whose main subject or relationship is a contract.


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Reliable legal services

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